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Help! I need urgent care

There are two types of dental emergencies involving orthodontics:

  1. The first one, and the more serious, involves trauma to the face and mouth when wearing fixed appliances. It is normally a consequence of a sports injury. In these circumstances you need to contact your own dentist who will provide emergency care. Outside office hours, please contact VHI Swiftcare, or send us an email at emergency@eastcoastorthodontics.ie
  2. The second type involves either a loose wire or a loose bracket. The brackets are the attachments that are glued to the teeth. if they come loose they are still held on the wire by rubber band and although may look strange and you can fiddle with them with your tongue. This can normally wait until the following day. If the wire is poking your cheek or gum it can be covered with wax to relieve the irritation or it can be bent out of the way. This can also normally wait until the following day.

A minority of patients, after braces are fitted, are very sensitive to pain and discomfort. Please remember that this pain and discomfort will ease and disappear after four days. In the meantime, please take Neurofen or it's equivalent on a regular basis (as per the instructions on the package) for the first four days. Drink plenty of water and confine your diet to soft foods (lots of Ice Cream!).