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About Dr. Jim Griffin


In 1997, Dr Jim Griffin established Eastcoast Orthodontics. Dr. Griffin graduated from the Dublin Dental School, Trinity College Dublin. He attended at London Hospital Medical College, Southampton University Hospital and The Regional Orthodontic Unit, St. James Hospital Dublin. He received his specialist training at Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon. In addition, Dr. Griffin has worked in general practice in London and Southampton, England.

Dr. Griffin has a passion and expertise to provide exceptional treatment specifically designed for each patient. He is an active member of The Irish Dental Association, Orthodontic Society of Ireland, The American Association of Orthodontists and a past secretary of the Irish American Association of Graduate Dental Specialists.

Eastcoast Orthodontics consists of well-trained and experienced staff members devoted to helping you achieve the smile you want. We do so by employing the latest technology in a modern clinic with competitive fees. We will work with you to obtain the results you want.

No matter your age, we want you to have your natural, confident smile.