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The Treatment Timeline


The purpose of this page is to give you a good overall idea of the various different stages involved in orthodontic treatment and braces. It also aims to show you how long you can expect to undergo treatment. Please be aware the timescale depends on the individuals treatment.

  1. Consultation — An initial consultation appointment is arranged for free. This appointment gives you a chance to meet the staff and see our clinic. It allows us to explain what treatment involves, the different treatments available to you, and the length of treatment. This initial visit usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes. You need to bring a completed medical form to us. You have two options in completing the medical form: you can print out the form yourself, fill it out and bring it with you. Alternatively, you can fill it out online and it will be sent to us. Eitherway, please ensure you complete the medical form as it will give you more time with the dentist. 
  2. Treatment Start
    1. Records Visit — Here, we gather information by taking photos, moulds of your teeth and arranging for x-rays to be taken
    2. Spacer Appointment— This appointment takes place a week before the fitting of braces. Spacers are fitted and treatment is explained prior to the bonding appointment
    3. Bonding Appointment — This hour-long visit is where the braces are actually fitted. Occasionally a letter is then given suggesting the extraction of teeth by a general dentist. 
      Parents must be present to accompany their children to this appointment
  3. Regular Adjustments — Every 6 to 8 weeks, regular appointments are scheduled over a 24-30 month period (depending on treatment)
  4. Treatment End
    1. Debond & Retention Period — At this appointment, braces are removed and retainers are fitted if necessary. This usually takes place after 24-30 months.
    2. Complete Checkup — Patients return to their own dentist for a complete dental checkup.
    3. Long term Checkup — After a further 18 months, patients return for a retainer check. We will send you an email reminder when you are due for this appointment