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Treatment for Children & Teens


The ideal age for an orthodontic evaluation is 7 years old. While treatment may not begin at this age, it presents the perfect opportunity to diagnose any possible orthodontic issues, as the child's four permanent upper and lower front teeth have usually erupted. At this early age your child's bite is still forming, making it easier to take preventative measures and influence the correct formation of the teeth. Prevention is of course better than cure!

If early treatment is decided, children undergo a two phase treatment(also known as "Early Orthodontics" or "Mixed Dentition Treatment"). This two phase treatment takes place when there are still milk teeth in the mouth, at a stage when only a subset of the permanent teeth are fully grown. The concept of early orthodontics is to prevent severe malocclusions developing at a later age such as a cross-bite, or early crowding of upper and lower incisors.

Children's Prices List

Phase One Treatment (normally 7-11 years old) from €850 to €1,500
Children's Upper and Lower Braces from €3,510

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Stages of Treatment

Phase 1: Prevention, Interception and Modification: The first phase of this treatment usually begins between the ages of 7 and 9 and it's goal is to shape the mouth to accommodate the upcoming permanent teeth. Common problems such as overbite, cross bites and other jaw discrepancies can be eliminated in this phase. Many different appliances are used to direct and shape the teeth.

Maintenance Phase: Resting Period: After phase 1 treatment, the remaining permanent teeth are allowed to erupt. We let the teeth expand naturally and fall into the space that has been created by phase 1. The patient will be seen approximately two times per year, and a retainer may or may not be recommended.

Phase 2: Movement and Retention: The second phase of treatment takes place when a full set of 16 permanent teeth have erupted. While phase 1 will have created the space needed for growth, the teeth may still have alignment problems. This phase usually takes twelve to twenty four months starting at ages 12 to 13 years old.

Beginning treatment early and availing of a two-phase treatment is beneficial for a number of reasons. Primarily, the treatment time is greatly reduced. Two-phase treatment also maximises the opportunity to accomplish an ideal aesthetic result that will remain stable throughout a patient's life. Most importantly,acting early instead of delaying treatment will greatly reduce the need for extractions or other dental surgeries, and will also make the jaws stronger and more stable.