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Your Alignment Options

There are a number of ways to correct crooked teeth. You can have fixed metal brackets and colored bands, you can have clear brackets and bands which are less visible or you can even choose a clear positioner which is even less obvious.

Fixed Appliances

A bracket is fitted to each tooth.A wire is then connected to each bracket.Coloured bands secure the wire to the brackets. Many different band colours are available. Slowly, over several months, the wire is shortened, pulling the teeth gently into line.

Removable Appliances

Patients who suffer from crossbite often have a classic V shaped arch. A removable appliance is custom made to fit the shape of each patient's mouth. Slowly, over months, it is expanded using the adjustment in the appliance. Finally, the arch becomes U shaped.

Center Line Adjustment

In some cases the centre of the upper and lower jaw are out of line. A band can be fitted to special points on a fixed appliance.This will correct the alignment over time.

Twin Blocks

Custom made twin blocks are produced for certain configurations and positioned in the mouth. When the mouth closes, the lower jaw is moved forward. Over time this will permanently correct the overbite.

Bonded Wire Retainer

Teeth can move back after orthodontic treatment. A bonded wire retainer will hold them in place permanently. A wire is bonded to the back of the front lower or upper teeth. The bonding material is cured with a bright light.

Maxillary Expansion

Patients who suffer from crossbite can be treated using the "Rapid Maxillary Expander".The appliance is fitted to the back teeth of the upper jaw and widened by turning the screw in the middle. The upper jaw expands to match the width of the lower jaw. A gap will appear between the top front teeth which can be reduced using a brace.

Space Expander

When a 'baby tooth' is lost early the adjacent teeth can sometimes fall into the gap that is created. A 'space maintainer' will preserve the gap until the permanent tooth is ready to develop.

Cleaning Appliances

Orthodontic brushes provide a longer filament head to improve access around appliances. Use gentle but direct brushing to include the appliance and tooth surfaces. Interdental brushes clean simply and effectively around brackets and wires. Simple adaptation of the brushes helps clean tooth surfaces and the appliance. Single tufted brushes are useful for the difficult to access sites. Filaments can be splayed onto the tooth surface and under the gum margins.


After a fixed appliance has correctly positioned the teeth a custom made retainer is produced. Worn at night this will keep the teeth in the desired position.


Once a Fixed Appliance has done its job it needs to be removed. A removal tool is used to break the bond between the brackets and the teeth. The appliance is removed and any remaining adhesive is removed.